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Have you had mentors in your life? I have, and they’ve changed my life. Before I knew anything about coaching, I had people in my life that gave me direction, ideas, and guidance. If I go back to the beginning, it started with my parents (thanks, mom and dad!) and also my Uncle Ned and Aunt Shirley (thank you both!).

Thankfully, my parents knew what they knew, but knew what they didn’t know too, so they encouraged me to reach out to others as well. This was huge for me because it helped me to be unafraid to ask for help and options.

Circling back to changing your story...if that is something that you want to do but feel like you could use a little support, reach out to people you admire and people who may have at one point been in your shoes.

I think this quote sums up seeking a mentor nicely: “Take a good hard look at people’s ruling principle, especially of the wise, what they run away from and what they seek out.”— Marcus Aurelius.

Most people who’ve had success are happy to share their experiences with others. So, in the upcoming weeks, think about someone you admire or strive to be like.

Once you have your list, ask them if they have a few minutes to chat. Be prepared for the conversation, be respectful, and thank them for their time. If it felt like a good conversation, also ask them if you can chat again soon. It’s all about building relationships.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Nobody has ever regretted asking, only not asking.

Life is good,


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